Susan McCleary Boyes

susan boyes

May 20, 1949 ~ April 4, 2022

Born in: Staten Island, NY
Resided in: Marietta, GA

Susan McCleary Boyes, 72, of Marietta passed away April 4, 2022, with her husband/boyfriend/lover by her side. She was preceded in death by her parents Bill & Nancy McCleary, and her brother Billy McCleary. She is survived by her husband Steve, her son Lindsey (Wendy), her sister-in-law Beth (Andy), her brother-in-law Mike (Febie), and her grandchildren Chloe Ayn and Madeline.

Sue was born in Staten Island, New York, but because her father was in the tire industry, she moved around the country constantly, requiring her to up her people skills as she was always
the new kid in school. She attended White Station high school in Memphis, studied at the University of Tennessee (GO VOLS), and Akron U. This led to her love of college football, so much so that everyone knew never to call her on a Saturday. She wore orange proudly and cherished every Alabama loss—thank you GEORGIA! Upon graduation, she applied for and became a Delta Air Lines flight attendant in October 1971. She retired in April 2001. She had dreams about flying all the time. She missed interacting with passengers and fellow flight attendants. The number of good letters in her file sent by passengers was astounding.

Her love of people was overshadowed by the number of people who loved her. She loved Mowtown, Stax, and especially Tina Turner. She would yell at Alexa “PLAY TINA!” She was the first one to get up and dance, sing, & laugh. She would constantly screw up the lyrics. If she met you once, she was a friend. If she met you twice, you got a birthday card. Every Year! By the third time, she would say “I love you” …and she meant it.

When she was healthy, she loved playing ALTA tennis. Her most special place was a cottage on Elk Lake in Michigan. She first visited there on her honeymoon. Because this was during the air traffic controller strike, she finagled an interview with Detroit TV about being stuck in the airport. The look on the newspersons face when Sue introduced her mother-in-law Jane, who was also on the trip, was priceless. Sue and Jane became fast friends and drinking buddies, leaving her new husband feeling a bit left out. She would shave her legs down at the lake, until her husband confessed there was a hidden shower. She would spend every summer of her life there, and “go visit Sue” was on everyone’s to-do list. She just loved looking at that lake. It was her therapy. Lately, she worried that she would never see it again, until she was reminded that one way or the other, she would return. Yes, she laughed. She loved her oncologist who helped her beat melanoma and colon cancer, but like her mother, could not beat a brain tumor. She joked that her doctor’s appointments were “dates”, as it was the only time she left the house during Covid.

There will be a remembrance for her sometime this summer at Elk Lake, with lots of alcohol and Tina blasting from the speakers, with a little Temptations, Eagles and Rocky Top thrown in, because a McCleary deserves an Irish wake.

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  1. Penny W Jordan says:

    Sue was so much fun to fly with- and we flew a lot together along with Rhonda and Dee Dee- I wish I could have spent time with her after we both retired- RIP sweet Sue…

  2. Lindsey Boyes says:

    I could not have asked for a better mom. All of my friends would say she was the “cool” mom. She would take me to concerts, WWE, Nascar and took me to meet the Navy’s Blue Angel’s. Every year during Christmas she would turn into “Gift, The Wrapper” and precede to dance while rapping. I cant look at a Delta Air Lines plane without thinking of her flying the friendly skies. I know her dad, mom, and brother are happy to have her with them. Tina Turner was her girl. Dad and Tank were her men. I’m just the lucky one who got to call her mom. I miss her grunting.

    • Eileen M Lichtenfeld says:

      She was the first person I met in Heartwood before I even bought here. She was so kind as to even show me her home so I could see the floor plan. Rest well Sue. And my sympathies to all who loved her.

  3. Daina (Daaaaaaina) says:

    Sue was & always will be in my heart. I was Fortunate to receive those birthday cards & even made it on her calendar.

    It’s definitely not going to be the same but then again once you have met her …you are never the same.

    Love you Sue…love you MORE ❤

  4. Charlene Kratz says:

    Sue was definitely one of a kind!! She made everything fun!! We were Cub Scout Den Leaders and Room Mothers together and shared many good times. I will miss her great sense of humor and how she always made me feel loved. Love you girlfriend!!

  5. Wendy Willaims says:

    I loved Sue!!! She was and always will be a special friend!!! She stays in my heart!!!

  6. Dj kuehn says:

    Sue and I became fast friends when we lived in heartwood. Tank and miss Sophie were boyfriend and girlfriend. We’d either sit on her porch or on our deck and have a few cocktails. After we moved we kept in touch. She’d always say I love ya girlfriend. Bye bye!!
    So now it’s my turn Susie Q………till we meet again……I love ya girlfriend. Bye bye !!❤️😢🙏💔

  7. Mary Barry says:

    Oh, Sue! How I will miss you! What a character- you always made me smile! We met waay back when I was Lindsey’s 1st grade teacher. Sue & Steve came to “Back to School” night, and we became fast friends after that hilarious night! Full of fun ,wisdom (sometimes hilarious),& joy, she brought so much happiness into everyone’s lives who were lucky enough to know her. We “Tra Tra Sisters” enjoyed years of laughter-filled dinners together. Sue will be missed by all, and remembered with smiles and love.

  8. Ellen Trauffer says:

    My Dear Friend. I shall miss you so. I know that you are watching us LaLa girls from above. You know we need all the help we can get. I can hear you laughing . Please know you were loved.

  9. Gene Montgomery says:

    Sue’s friendship meant she loved you forever

  10. Bridget Griffin says:

    Susie has been my closest friend for over 30 years. We told each other everything. Our kids grew up together because our yards connected. We went out for icecream in the middle of the night with the boys in their pj”s. We sat outside all summer long while the kids swam in the pool. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more until our side were so sore and we peed our pants. We worked in school, we played beauty shop, we saved all the baby animals and we lived life to the fullest every day! No regrets…ever. Even when things got ruff she fought and fought and somehow always pulled through! But this time I knew it was different because she let me come to the hospital and hold her hand everyday. We sang motown and scrolled through pictures of the kids…and laughed. But we knew…and when she was ready..she slipped through our fingers to rest. No more having to fight. Rest now my sweet beautiful friend. Thank you for loving me❤😭😭😭😭💔

  11. Diane Bridges says:

    When I signed in for a trip at Delta and saw Sue’s name on the sign in sheet I knew it would be a good fun trip. I loved her zest for life. So sorry for your loss.

  12. Dianne Williams says:

    It was always a pleasure to flight with Sue and I have such fun memories on our trips. So sorry for your loss. RIP Sue 🌹

    • Marylou Duffy says:

      Sue was a wonderful neighbor and friend. Through all her health issues she never complained and always had that smile on her. I always passed on my People magazines to her each week and she never failed to call or text me a thank you.
      Our loss is Heaven’s gain.

    • J.R. Hawkins says:

      Sue was the only person allowed to call me Junior.
      I came to Atlanta in 1981 to visit Steve and met Sue on January 28th of that year. The first day we were all going out to dinner when all of a sudden we were parking at the Omni for a sold-out Springsteen concert!
      I was blown away and we all had a blast….
      She was easy to like from day 1…..Sue loved everyone 💕

  13. Chris Hendrix says:

    I haven’t seen Sue for years. When I saw the email that she had passed away, my heart sank. I was her supervisor for a few years at Delta. Sue needed no supervision!! She was a joy, and became a friend! Each holiday she brought me a gift! She was so thoughtful, kind, funny, lovable and SPECIAL!!! I am so heartbroken for her family, and closest friends. Rest In Peace sweet lady.

  14. Pat and Bart Smith says:

    We were Heartwood neighbors. Sue was the fun one in the hood. Even when we moved away we were the fortunate recipients of the best birthday cards ever. Rest in peace Sue!

  15. Catherine Donaldson says:

    I had the pleasure of flying with Sue. She called me “Catherina” I guess to rhyme with her “Tina”. I always told her that she resembled my sister. Sue was such a little spit fire and I loved her energy and work ethics on flights. The world has lost a Joy❤️

  16. Carlene Isabell says:

    It was very sad news to hear of Sue’s passing. She never complained about the pain she endured so many years. She was always upbeat and always had a smile and a laugh. Thanks to me, she finally got HER Westie Tank even though Steve always said “NO DOGS” when they were at my house and Sue would play with my Westie Christy. Rest in peace Sue. You will be missed,

  17. Patti underwood says:

    Sue and I have been together in some way over 20yrs. We met on a flight and began buddy bidding soon after. So we rode together and worked together until she retired to take care of her Dad.We saw each other every day, since I lived in the hood. Our kids were the same age and we did beach trips together and visited our elder neighbors (ed and ida) every day for a martini and fellowship. She was the bubble in everyone’s glass! After I moved to Auburn, we spoke everyday and I have not had a friend like Sue since and I suspect I never will. I will miss those chats everyday so much. Working together was a laugh full day, not work. We raised our kids together, shared friends, and the ups and downs of life together. I could always count on her to be there and listen! She is a part of my life I will dearly miss! I had the pleasure of sharing the cottage in Michigan with her and know how much she loved it. Enjoy those wild ferns and the beautiful view of the lake my friend. Thank you for sharing it with me. You’re at home and in peace my friend.

  18. Joe edwards says:

    I walked Tank every day that Steve played. Really got to know Sue. Told Steve she was a female me. My wife said I spent more time talking to Sue than her. Sue was so much fun. She did it her way. Bless you Sue!

  19. Jill OBrien says:

    Even though I felt her day was coming close I struggle to accept it. Sue and I talked almost weekly after I moved away and she always brought me such joy in the way she handled her struggle with strength and perseverance. She never failed to tell me how wonderful Steve was in taking such good care of her and her appreciation and love for him. She was so grateful to the end. Sue was the friend we were all so fortunate to have in our lives. Her smile and craziness shall be part of me forever. Love you girlfriend 😘

  20. Debbie Penland Isbell says:

    Sue was in my Delta training class, and the best Flight Attendant you could ever hope to work with. It was always such a pleasure to watch her interacting with passengers. She had amazing compassion for anyone needing that extra little bit of care or attention.
    She was such a joy to know personally. She had a way of making everyone feel that they were special to her. It was ALWAYS so evident that she loved Steve and Lindsey and her whole family so very much.
    I am truly blessed to have known Sue.
    Sending prayers and love to the whole family. I know you will miss her humor, her love of life, and just her earthly presence. You and this world lost a very wonderful person.

  21. David and Sally Millard says:

    Sue welcomed our parents into the Heartwood neighborhood.. She was a kind and loyal friend. Both Ed and Ida looked forward to her daily calls and visits. They thought of her as a loving daughter. Her lively and cheerful spirit was contagious. Sue will be missed by many.

  22. Bill and Mary Gwinn says:

    Lighting this candle in remembrance of Sue who brought light into every person’s day she saw.

  23. Rachelle Berliner says:

    I will always remember her smile and saying, “I love you” when we spoke on the phone often. She was one of a kind and to have her as a friend was a blessing. Rest in peace, dear Sue.

  24. Deirdre Pierce says:

    Dear Boyes Family,

    I had the pleasure of flying with Sue many times; and I will always remember her warm personality and bright smile! I pray that God covers you with His Perfect Peace at this time of challenge. Be Blessed!

  25. Beth Anderson says:

    Hey girlfriend – will miss our phone calls – we really didn’t talk about anything special – just checking in with each other to see how things were going. I remember – long ago – the night we splurged on salami and cheese – along with a few glasses of wine – always a good time. You’ll always a special place in my heart! Miss you dearly! Your sister – Beth

  26. Patricia Johnson says:

    I knew Sue through my parent’s connection with Wabigama. She made me feel right at home on her porch one evening with a gin and tonic and good conversation. My dad and mother were very fond of her and Steve. She was a lovely person and I would have loved to have been in her close circle of friends. Condolences Steve.

  27. Beth says:

    Steve – I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  28. Sharon White says:

    So very sorry to see that Sue has passed. I remember flying with her when she was new. She was so fun & positive. I see that she truly knew how to celebrate life. I am sad for you all & knowing how much you will miss such a vibrant and loving lady. Sharon White DL Oct 1968

  29. Susan Aberth. Briske says:

    Yesterday, Memorial Day, I saw a little Dachshund sitting in a golf cart just staring at me. That dog reminded me of Susie whom I have not connected with for over 40 years. Hmmmm, what a pleasant thought! I didn’t know her last name after she was married so on a whim I googled Susan McCleary Memphis Tennessee hoping to find a way to connect again with my wonderful friend from Akron Ohio. I was so happy when her picture came up on google and then the sad news when her picture led to her obituary. That little dachshund was telling me to connect. You see, Susie had a black dachshund named Sammie and I had a little brown dachshund named Amy. Yes we shared 6 little puppies together and Susie and I became best friends. We were boy crazy together in junior high at Perkins and stayed connected all the way through college. I “lived” at her house on Edgewood and she “lived” at my house on Hawkins. Nancy and Bill became friends with my parents Fran and George. Our parents were crazy to let us drive to New York City to see our favorite guy, Johnny Carson!! yes we got tickets into the Johnny Cardon Show Crazy times, best of times, and memories so full of laughter and love. She loved singing to The Temptations! I will never forget Susie McCleary. I hope to fire up the music and dance and sing with her again when our paths cross in Heaven

  30. Lindsey Boyes says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year since you passed. I miss you every day. I miss your phone calls when bad weather is moving in. I miss you reminding me to set the clocks forward. I miss you chanting T E DOUBLE N E DOUBLE S DOUBLE E…… TENNESSEE! I just miss you. I love you mom. LB

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