Cremation Merchandise Overview

All packages at Cremation Society of Georgia include a basic cremation container and a transport urn to make your package complete.  Some families prefer to make personal selections or upgrade these items.  We have more items in each category than are shown on our website. In addition to items shown here, we can also assist with register books, custom printed prayer cards, thank-you cards, and flowers if you need help.

Cremation Caskets

State law requires the use of a cremation container at every crematory.  At Cremation Society of Georgia, all of our plans include at least a basic cremation container.  A cremation container is a simplified casket with handles in which your loved one rests.  It is used to safely lift and move your loved one and it is consumed in the cremation process. Some families prefer to upgrade to a container that is either lined and includes a pillow for their loved one, or even a wooden casket.  Here is a selection of the most commonly chosen cremation casket upgrades.

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At Cremation Society of Georgia, every plan includes a basic transport urn.  Some families decide it is all they need, but many decide to choose something more decorative or traditional.  We have a large selection of urns.  We also have miniature keepsake urns which allow families to divide cremated remains among multiple family members

» Wood Urns

» Metal, Cloisonne and Stone Urns

» Scattering & Biodegradable Urns

Urn Vaults

Urn vaults are protective outer containers, about the size of a banker’s box, in which urns are placed when choosing ground burial for cremated remains. Most cemeteries require the use of an urn vault. The reason is that urn vaults maintain the integrity of the ground surface by helping prevent urn collapse.  If your family is choosing ground burial and your cemetery requires one, we have them competitively priced.

Flag Cases

Flag cases are designed to hold a burial flag, after having been folded and presented to the family. Some are designed to function as urns, whether the urn is incorporated into the case or a pedestal to support the case.  We have these for families who may wish to display their flag with pride.


Our staff can assist with floral tributes from family and friends. A wide variety of selections are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony or visitation.

Memorial Registry Gifts

A variety of Memorial Registry Books, Service Folders and Acknowledgement Cards are available that can reflect the life and interests of your loved one.  We have a good selection of popular items and can even help with custom printing.

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