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Why Cremation Society of Georgia is the best cremation provider.

Cremation Society of Georgia has created a process for the care of your loved one which voluntarily exceeds State of Georgia requirements.  We are always certain we are transferring the correct urn to each family we serve because of the measures we take to deliver superior service and maintain our good reputation.  Consider these differences:

1. Onsite Crematory.

Cremation Society of Georgia owns and operates our crematory.  Many cremation providers don’t even own a crematory and could be passing your loved one into the hands of a third party.  Our crematory is right here in our building and your loved one never leaves our care.

2. Licensed and certified staff.

We have a  licensed funeral director on staff and our crematory operators are certified by national organizations.  They undergo regular training to maintain those certifications and licenses.  Your loved one will always be in the care of professionals at Cremation Society of Georgia

3. Identification Tracking.

We voluntarily use two systems for tracking each individual in our care.  Each individual is given a uniquely numbered cremation disc which stays with them through the entire process and is included in the urn of cremated remains. Additionally, we fingerprint each individual in our care as an added level of security.  Every step of the process is documented in a time-stamped log book and signed by a certified technician.

4. Open door policy.

Our crematory is always available for your personal inspection.  You are welcome to see it or ask for at our of our location.

5. Your personal satisfaction.

Your experience with us and your satisfaction matters to us.  Every family we serve is surveyed about their experience and given the opportunity to offer feedback.  Happy customers have helped build Cremation Society of Georgia into the best  choice for simple cremation.

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Cremation Society of Georgia was built with you and your family’s comfort in mind. No matter where you live in Georgia, or where a death occurs, you have the peace of mind of knowing you have chosen a trusted professional.

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