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How does the Cremation Society of Georgia work?

We specialize in cremation and have been serving families in the state of Georgia for over 40 years.  We offer simple cremation plans that include everything you need.   Because we own and operate our own on-site crematory, you have the comfort of knowing your loved one will never leave our care.

We offer two options for you and your loved ones.

Membership and Planning in Advance

Join the society and select a service package right now.  You can pay in full or use our convenient payment plan to finalize your arrangements at today’s discounted membership price.

This records your selections and guarantees you or your loved ones will never pay more for the services you select.

What people say after becoming a member and planning in advance…

“The cost of other companies is so much higher. This saved my family and me a lot of money.”
“My loved ones shouldn’t be left having to cover unexpected costs or be worried about having access to my bank accounts if something happened.  Now it’s taken care of”
Plan Now

Membership Only

Become a member now and you are guaranteed that at the time of death your loved ones will be able to make arrangements and receive the discounted membership price.  The member price is always significantly lower than the nonmember rates. (Current membership rates are $95 for single, $125 for a couple.)

At the time of death the Cremation Society of Georgia services include:

  • Transfer of the loved one into our care
  • Refrigeration, if necessary
  • Cremation, completed in our own crematory
  • Our Peace-of-Mind cremation process by our trained and caring staff
  • Filing the necessary paperwork for death certificates, so your estate can access bank accounts, receive benefits, etc.
  • Application of all paperwork for Social Security and Veteran’s benefits

The main benefits members say they receive by getting started…

“I don’t have to worry anymore if my loved ones will know what to do.”
“I like knowing that I’m making the decisions for myself.”
“I’ve been the one left to make the arrangements before and it’s very stressful, this saves everyone from being in that position.”

Get Started Now