What happens after cremation takes place?

Your loved one is removed from our refrigeration facility and the crematory tracking sheet is updated with the date and time of cremation and the crematory operators name.
After the cremation, the crematory operator removes all of the cremated remains from the crematory chamber. The cremated remains are then cooled and processed, with each step being recorded on the tracking sheet.
The cremated remains along with the I D tag are placed into the permanent or temporary urn selected by the family. The urn is affixed with an identification label. The urn is then held in our secure facility for pick up by the family or delivered to its final place if interment
The family, cemetery representative or whomever has been entrusted to take receipt of the cremated remains sign a receipt of cremated remains slip and it is then retained as a record of pick up .
All information including the tracking sheet, certificate of cremation, cremation authorization and all original paperwork is kept as a permanent record.