jonathan lorenz

August 20, 1981 ~ March 22, 2020

Devoted Family Man, Loyal Friend and Gentle Giant with a Heart of Gold

Following a mighty, and courageous battle against terrible odds, Jonathan David Lorenz was taken too soon by fast and furious cancer.

Family, friends and co-workers are heart broken by the sudden loss of this incredibly kind, loyal, caring, ethical and dependable man.

Jon was born on Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. He loved his Hawaiian life and described that he was dragged, “kicking and screaming” when the family moved from Hawaii to Georgia when he was 15.

It didn’t take long for Jon’s kind and gentle spirit to attract life-long friends. He attended Duluth High School where he was very active in the school choir, toured with them in Europe and performed for the Austrian Royal Family. He graduated from Phoenix High School, attended Georgia Perimeter College and completed numerous IT (Information Technology) certifications before beginning his successful career, most recently working for Fiserv.

Jon fondly reminisced about his life in Hawaii with anyone who would listen. He loved its natural beauty, particularly Diamond Head (a volcanic cone on the Hawaiian island of Oahu). As he was passing, he whispered stories about Diamond Head and regretted not taking his daughter Ruby to see it. Jon especially loved Hawaiian food. Kahlua Pig, Mauna Pua, Hawaiian Barbeque and anything “SPAM” were among his favorites. He liked to cook and even shared SPAM recipes like SPAM Musubi with the hospital nutritionist and hospice staff during his last days.

Jon loved trains, problem solving and building anything. He especially enjoyed building detailed models with Legos as well as projects with his daughter, Ruby. It was not unusual to find the living room filled with excited children watching Jon run his magnificent train set.

He was very intelligent and technically minded, often describing himself as a “Geek”. His family learned to avoid technical questions unless they had plenty of time to listen. A dear friend described Jon as a brilliant “Technocrat”.

Jon is survived by his loving wife, Rachael Sillay Lorenz, precious daughter, Ruby Katherine Lorenz, his very large extended family, and many friends who will never forget him.

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  1. Sara Tomblin says:

    So sorry for your loss. Praying for you all during this though time.

  2. Kristie and Joey Homans says:

    May Peace and Grace take you to the other side of this grief…

  3. Julie Hogan says:

    Love to all.

  4. Rebecca and Leigha Rainey says:

    We are do sorry for your loss. Leigha said a special prayer for Ruby when she found out.

  5. BJ Steele says:

    What a beautiful tribute obituary. We wish all the best to Rachael & Ruby as you carry on. God be with you.

    • Paula Harris says:

      Praying for you, Rachel, and for Ruby, every day. I lost my husband recently, and my heart breaks for what you are going through…doubly so because Ruby is so young. Hang on to your faith with both hands! God has you in His. One day we’ll be with them again. Love and peace be with you.

  6. Joy Jones says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with all the family.

  7. Marsha Loftin says:

    Continued Peace & Comfort to Rachael, Ruby, Family & Friends✝️

  8. MaryAnn Sheehy says:

    Dear Rachel and Ruby,
    I am deeply grieved for your loss of Jon. I pray that you are feeling the love, comfort and Peace of Christ through this very difficult time.

    • Jennifer Chambers says:

      Blessings, love and prayers. May the peace and love of God be with you. Jon was a truly genuine and good individual as was perfectly described. I am praying for you and your family.

  9. James Daniel Scott says:

    Rachael, my prayers are with you and Ruby in this time of bereavement. Just remember your church family is here for you and Ruby.

    • Tamara Richwine says:

      Rachael, I was saddened to hear the news of Jon’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Ruby and your families during this time of grief. May you be comforted knowing he is no longer suffering.

  10. Gretchen, Roy and Rory Blackwell says:

    Holding you and Ruby in our hearts as we pray for comfort. Rory sends a big hug to Ruby.

  11. Joann Keller says:

    Keeping you in our hearts and sending prayers for peace. Love to you all.

  12. Joe Fortune says:

    So sorry for your loss of Jon. I wish I had known him better. Having lost my wife a few years ago, I can understand what you are going through. I pray for you and Ruby every day, God bless

  13. Richard Baumgarten says:

    Jon was a soft spoken gentleman. I knew Jon from our enthusiasm of owning a collective VW car. We meet a few times and shared conversations over our vehicles. He was a very humble and knowledgeable man with great insight. He will be missed in the VW community and our sincerest condolences go out to his family for their loss.

  14. David & Donna Pellegrino says:

    Lots of great memories with this kid. A lot of them in Hawaii, but very special one while he was with us at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Will be sadly missed. Love to Rachael and Ruby…Always.

  15. Katrina Rietta says:

    Sending our deepest condolences. Our whole family loved Jon and we love you, Rachael and Ruby. We will be praying for you and will not stop. You are in the Lord’s strong hands. The picture of Jon with his beautiful obituary was made when he was a groomsman in Frank’s wedding. (The funny part was cropped, the part where Jon was mischievously holding up two fingers behind Frank’s head!) Jon will be greatly missed.

  16. Roberta Coleman says:

    Deeply regret Jon’s passing. We enjoyed sitting behind Jon, Rachael and Ruby each Sunday in church and miss you very much. Our prayers are for the Lord to comfort you Rachael and Ruby.

  17. Jeanne says:

    He sounds like a wonderful guy. Sorry he left so soon.

  18. Timothy David Lorenz says:

    Goodbye to my son Jonathan. May he rest in peace. There are no words that can be said about my loss and love of my son. I wish I could have been there in his last days. I pray that we will be joined in heaven.

  19. Ruby Lorenz says:

    I miss my Daddy so much! I love him so much!

  20. Ruby Lorenz says:

    I am always with you

  21. Ruby Lorenz says:

    i feel sad about my dad.

  22. Ruby lorenz says:

    I miss my dad very very very much 😿💔

    • Timothy Lorenz says:

      My dear granddaughter Ruby. I hope you are old enough to write to me on e-mail. I live in the Philippines and I could not travel because of Covid when he was diagnosed and in the hospital. If and when you see this please write me at I saw you only a long time ago. Maybe you do not remember my visit. But I was your dad’s dad. Please read what I wrote on this site. I thought I had written on this site but maybe I did not know about it. I am 72 years old and I have some memory issues now.

  23. Timothy David Lorenz says:

    I thought I sent this but I do not see my posting here. My name is Tim Lorenz and I miss my son every day. My memory tape in my head runs nonstop of all our wonderful times. The beaches in Hawaii, his soccer days, his swim team days, and his Boy’s Choir (140 boys) days. his karate training days.
    He was a brilliant IT professional and he was building server and workstation systems for companies at 16 years old. He was upgraded to the position of Chief Network Engineer at Hitachi Tools at 19 years old. He taught Microsoft A+ at an IT technology school at 20 years old. He became a loved employee by companies in his career as a Network Engineer. This is all that needs to be said for this brilliant young man.
    Stage 4 cancer was not apparent before he went into a hospital for a minor irritation in his throat. He died I think I have this right only 7 weeks after diagnosis. This is the tragedy of Cancer. It will sneak up and take your life without notice. Please everyone have as many tests as you can to catch cancer early.

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