Frank Thomas Gomez

frank gomez

July 29, 1963 ~ December 27, 2021

Born in: Tallahassee, FL
Resided in: Loganville, GA

Frank Thomas Gomez passed away unexpectedly on Monday December 27th, 2021 at the age of 58, leaving a big void in the lives of all who knew him.

He was born in Tallahassee, Florida on July 29th, 1963. His family moved to Georgia when he was 5 years old. He attended school at Woodward Academy and graduated in 1981. He went to college at the University of Georgia where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science

Frank was a 1988 graduate of the Georgia State University Law School. He soon became known in the legal community as an effective public defender and then as a fair-minded prosecutor in the Atlanta and Cobb County courts. He later developed a thriving private practice and was among the preeminent experts in DUI law. He wrote and edited the Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, was a frequent lecturer in the field and presented annual continuing legal education on the subject. Frank was a devoted advocate for his clients, a lawyer with absolute integrity, a preeminent teacher in his field and most importantly to him, a trusted mentor and confidant to countless attorneys. Few things gave him more pride than knowing how many questions among fellow lawyers were simply answered “ask Frank,” and Frank always made time to answer.

Frank was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loved and served very diligently. In every area of Frank’s life, he served with a big heart. He was loved and respected by all.

Frank and Diana found each other in 2016 and had a sweet courtship that led to their marriage on March 3, 2018. They were happily living and loving life in Loganville. Diana supported him in his love of sports, attending Braves, Hawks and UGA games with him. In return, he treated her to many fun trips around the country and cultural events and concerts. They loved to go to Jekyll Island and they loved the Fox Theater. Frank would say that they happily had 2170 days together.

Frank is survived by Diana Ray Gomez, his wife and sweetheart. He is also survived by his three older sisters, Ada Rosa Gomez McNeff, Rosie Gomez Weber, and Becky Gomez McWhorter. Frank is preceded in death by his father, Dr. Frank Gomez and his mother Ada Carmen Gomez.

A memorial service will be held to honor Frank on Saturday January 15th, 2022 at 11:00 am at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located at 1150 Cole Road Southwest Lilburn, GA 30047-5426.

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  1. Beverly Kennedy says:

    I am Diana’s aunt (her dad’s sister). Although I didn’t have the privilege of getting to know Frank personally, I could see how happy he and Diana were together. Words don’t do justice to express my love and sympathy to Diana. I’m just going to offer a huge virtual hug. Much love to Diana. – Aunt Bev.

    • Stephanie Kelly Dietz says:

      Diana, you are in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss and know that the love and support of your family will be a great comfort to you during this difficult time. I am always here for you if I can be a help in any way.

  2. Ashley Brindley says:

    Frank, you were more than a friend you were family! We’re so thankful for the way you’ve loved us and your “niece and nephews!” The world is a little bit brighter for having had you in it! You will forever be missed! We love you, The Brindley’s!

  3. Hope says:

    I am happy to have met Frank and spent some time w/him and his precious family (Diana’s family). They will hold a special place in my heart always… I hope he and Eric are celebrating his home coming right now as I know Eric liked and respected him very much! Blessings to you all.

  4. John Pursley says:

    Frank was just a wonderful person. We, in the legal community, will miss him.

  5. Mike Jacobs says:

    My first job as a criminal defense attorney was in a DUI firm from 2006-2009. I remember many mornings that he and I would be the first two to show in City of Atlanta Municipal Court at 730 in the morning. I think we were both there trying to network for referrals. But many mornings we just wound up talking till court started. He was always such a nice, kind person who always shared his knowledge with anyone who asked. The one attribute he has that all lawyers should have is to share your knowledge with other lawyers especially young lawyers. He freely shared everything he knew. I’ll miss seeing him around the courthouses. Our profession needs more people like him. RIP Frank.

  6. Gregor Dellenbach says:

    My heart aches and my soul sportsmate has passed through the door of death and will be sorely missed. His life was given added value with his dear love, Diana. When I was with him, always he spoke of her with endearing thoughts. Oh, God please bless Diana and the family and friends of my buddy Frank. We talked about everything and enjoyed each other’s company. This will take me a while to process. I miss Frank.

  7. Gregor Dellenbach says:

    My heart aches and my soul sportsmate has passed through the door of death and will be sorely missed. His life was given added value with his dear love, Diana. When I was with him, always he spoke of her with endearing thoughts. Oh, God please bless Diana and the family and friends of my buddy Frank. We talked about everything and enjoyed each other’s company. This will take me a while to process. I miss Frank.

  8. Tammyand Kevin Privette says:

    We will miss him terribly. Kevin truly enjoyed serving with him. He was kind and loving. What a great example of a Christian.

  9. Stacy says:

    Frank, may your memory be a blessing
    I believe I am a better lawyer today as a result of you always taking your time to walk through my impending cases
    Most know of your for love of Atlanta sports .
    We were able to share the love of the thrashers and all the other Atlanta teams . My heart bleeds for Diana .
    I have never been so happy for 2 people to share their lives as I was for for you and Diana…

  10. Dr Margaret Hopper says:

    I was his dentist for many years also his mother.
    Just saw him for his 6 months dental Wednesday before Christmas..
    He seemed very happy..
    For his family very sorry for your loss…

  11. Gladys Gibbons says:

    Celebrating the life of a good man and mourning his passing with you

  12. Gladys Gibbons says:

    Celebrating the life of a good man, Diana we are mourning his passing with you

  13. Wendy Lee May Hainey says:

    Frank, you were quite the character. You were my 2nd, and last “Home Teacher”. You lived up to the role and then some. When you started to date Diana I was so happy for you. I could see a Frank I was never privy to see. You smiled with your whole heart when you looked upon Diana’s glowing face, you were in love long before you let yourself love.
    Even when dating Diana, you still took your church responsibilities seriously. You made sure I was safe, and taken care of and had your friendship. So much so, long before I knew I would be married you told me that you had a dream that you were one of the witnesses at my wedding. I told you, “your crazy”! Then you said in true Frankdom, “no no no I’m serious,” as your face got so serious. I can still see your mannerisms, your hand jesters and your smile.

    I am going to miss you Frank, your smile, your infectious laugh and your singing…. and the noteworthy “pull my finger” as you stuck your finger out to me.

    You were needed here in this world still, which is a selfish statement on my part. However, Heavenly Father needed you more. May you rest in Eternal Rest, and I’ll be sure to seek you out when it’s my time.

    Diana, Paul and I will continue to pray for you and your family. May the comfort from prayers and love give you comfort in the coming days, months and years. I will always be here for you, always.

    With Love,

  14. Catherine Malicki says:

    Frank was a respected member of the legal community and a trusted colleague at the Atlanta Municipal Court. He was a gentle person with a ready smile. He was the soul of integrity and was very generous with his time.

    He will be sorely missed.

    Judge Catherine Malicki
    Atlanta Municipal Court

  15. Rachel Heysel says:

    Thank you for coming to house and bringing in your light!

  16. William C. Head says:

    I knew Frank from his days at Atlanta Municipal Court, and later at Cobb State Court, as a Prosecutor.

    In 2008, I offered Frank a chance to switch sides and be a criminal defense attorney with our law firm at that time, Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis. The firm was the largest in America handling DUI-DWI defense.

    Frank’s work ethic and his fanatical quest to remain up to date on Georgia criminal case law impressed me.

    Once he came to our firm, I asked Frank to join me as the co-author of The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. He did a great job in taking that love of “being up to date” on DUI cases to excel at this new task. In addition, once he became “known” in the DUI defense world, he also became a seminar speaker, usually covering the annual DUI law updates.

    When I last saw him in court, on December 20th, he was telling me (and a few other lawyers present) that he planned to :”hang it up” at age 65, which was 7 years away. On Christmas Eve, he sent an email to Willy Howe, our publisher rep, and copied me on that message. It was regarding the 2022 update of our book.

    Frank also asked me to speak at the Georgia Bar seminar in May of 2022. I accepted and told him my preferred topic.

    He had spoken for another DUI seminar that occurred on December 3 and 4, on his usual topic of DUI cases law and statutory changes.

    I was shocked to hear the sad news only 4 days later. It took a while for me to comprehend the situation, since it was such a shock.

    Frank was definitely enjoying life with Diana and also enjoying being his own boss, as a DUI defense attorney. By doing what he loved, which was reading and studying the law, Frank “found himself” and built a national name for as a criminal defense lawyer, with members of the National College for DUI Defense.

    This kind of national notoriety would have never occurred, if he had remained a prosecutor. So, I am happy that Frank switched sides and spent his last 13 plus years defending those accused of crimes.

  17. George Creal says:

    Frank was a shining light in a sometimes dark world. His loss will be deeply felt by his brothers and sisters in the legal community. Frank always made it a point to be kind to other lawyers. I have had more than one lawyer in the past week mention how Frank was kind or encouraging to them in one way or another. Frank also was the source for all legal between the lines information. Obviously, he was a trusted counselor. Peace for his family and friends.

  18. Mary Agramonte says:

    Frank will be very missed. I met Frank when I was a new lawyer, lost in my new legal world. He was always there for me to answer any questions I had and to share his knowledge. Most importantly, Frank treated me as an equal. Frank believed in me and his kindness will be missed. Frank was a true light in the legal community and beyond, and left a lasting impact on every person he encountered. I will continue to keep his wife Diane and his family in my prayers.

  19. katherine "Trina" griffiths says:

    Frank, we go back a way. As prosecutors and defense attorneys together, you have been a good friend through it all. Thank you for your friendship and your support over all these years, particularly 2020! You are missed terribly.

  20. Diane Bessen says:

    What a loss. Frank was not only the consummate professional but it was truly a pleasure to have him in my courtroom. I can remember on more than one occasion, when someone without counsel seemed confused or unsure of their options, Frank, unsolicited, would stand up and volunteer his counsel. It was emblematic of his persona and his regard for the law. He will be missed.

    Judge Diane E. Bessen
    State Court of Fulton County

  21. angela brown says:

    Frank was a wonderful person and a giver in every sense of the word. He gave of his time, his talent and his humanity. He treated everyone like they were someone regardless of station in life, color, religion or circumstance. Frank truly was a giant in the legal world and our community has lost a light. I pray God’s comfort to his family and friends during this time.

    Judge Angela Z. Brown
    Superior Court of Cobb County

  22. Jackie Patterson says:

    Wow what a giant of a man and attorney. Frank never stopped giving his knowledge away to young and seasoned lawyers. He was the type of lawyer that kindness ran through his veins. I saw him just days before his untimely passing at an ALS hearing and we bumped arms and laughed that could not shake hands because of covid. He is a person I will never remove from my mind and heart. I will miss you Frank .

  23. David Willingham says:

    I began practicing law in January 2009, when I took a position with a law firm in downtown Marietta. During my first week, I was instructed to walk up to Judge Melodie Clayton’s courtroom, where a colleague of my boss, Frank Gomez, was about to try a DUI case. I did not know Frank, but watching him in the courtroom that day left an impression on me that I’ll never forget. He won the case in dramatic fashion, convincing Judge Clayton to grant a motion to dismiss the case mid-trial. As a brand-new lawyer, to say I was impressed was an understatement.

    From there, I came to know Frank much better through court appearances and professional engagements throughout the State. He was always so gentle and kind to me and everyone else around him. He helped me numerous times, as well as my clients. Though I am very sad to hear of his passing, I am happy that his legacy as the consummate legal professional will live on for generations to come.

  24. Rachel Hammond says:

    My heart and prayers go out to Diana and family. Frank truly was one who “touched each life for good”and we are blessed to know him and to call him a friend. From the first time we met Frank, we were impressed with him. He was learning about our church and he came to our home for dinner one night with our missionaries. As we were visiting, our young daughter Liberty hurt her head as she was climbing around underneath our piano. I was embarrased that we couldn’t have a calm dinner without any drama, but it opened the door for a conversation about prayer and priesthood blessings. I asked the missionaries and my husband to give her a blessing and soon she was calm and we knew everything would be okay. Later Frank shared with us that his heart was touched by witnessing this blessing, and that he had the desire to bless others as they had done, and yes he did bless others in so many similar and loving ways!

    We were at the Valentine’s Dance when Frank surprised and delighted us with his Karaoke singing skills and that was also when we first met Diana. We were all thrilled to watch the courtship of Frank and Diana culminating in their marriage. What a blessing you both have been to our family and so many others! The last time I talked to Frank he called to encourage me to take our good friend Carol to the temple.

    Frank, we miss you and look forward to the day we will see you again!

  25. Marcia M. says:

    Frank was a wonderful man, good friend and an incredible attorney. He was a kind, thoughtful and wise soul. He will be missed.

  26. Rocky B says:

    Frank taught me very early on by saying “Rocky, don’t dabble in DUI, become good at it.” And so I tried. He always had an answer and I will miss his presence in our bar section, his advice and counsel. He strived to see others succeed at becoming better. Frank I will miss you.

  27. Eugene Vassall says:

    I am really sorry the world has lost you. You were a kind, friendly, and nice man. The world needs more people like you not less. We have all lost with your departure. May peace find you and you your loved ones pasted, while you wait to see to see the rest of the ones you love one day. Thank you for shining a light in the darkness of the world.

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